Aalborg Airport Bus

In this page you’ll find all the Bus options at Aalborg Airport (AAL).

Aalborg Airport (AAL), is a both civilian and military airport serving Aalborg Municipality, in Denmark. Concretely, the airport is located in Norresundby, about 8 km from Aalborg city centre. A bus ride from Aalborg Airport to Aalborg city centre takes around 15 minutes. You can take a bus ride from or to AAL Airport at the followng times:

- Bus 71 at 10:01h to Aalborg Busterminal
- Bus 71 at 10:03h to Hjorring
- Bus 71 at 10:05h to Hjorring
- Bus 12 at 10:18h to Norhalne/ Airport
- Bus 12 at 10:21h to Universitetet
- Bus 70 at 10:33h to Thisted
- Bus 70 at 10:36h to Aalborg busterminal
- Bus 12 at 10:48h to Aabybro/Airport
- Bus 12 at 10:51h to Universitetet
- Bus 71 at 11:01 to Aalborg Busterminal
- Bus 71 at 11:03h to Hjorring
- Bus 71 at 11:05h to Hjorring